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Through Showpiece, anybody can buy into and enjoy some of the world's rarest and most valuable collectables, starting with the ONE CENT Magenta stamp.

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Frequently asked questions

Showpiece is a fractional ownership platform that gives everybody the opportunity to purchase and enjoy the world’s rarest and most desirable collectables that were previously unobtainable for all but the wealthiest few.

In partnership with Stanley Gibbons, the first historic treasure to be made available will be the infamous ONE CENT Magenta stamp which will be launched on the platform in November.

Who are Showpiece?
What if I have questions that haven't been answered here?

If you have any other questions, please email a member of the Showpiece team at hello@showpiece.com and we will be delighted to help you.

What is early access?

When we go live in November, we will initially limit the sale of the ONE CENT Magenta to those that have signed up for early access or those that have previously expressed their interest to Stanley Gibbons.

During this period, we will offer pieces of the stamp for purchase at an introductory price that won’t be available once we move to general release. If you haven’t already, then sign up for early access above to take part.

How many pieces will the One Cent Magenta be split into and how much will each piece cost?

We will announce the exact details nearer the time, but we can confirm that there will be less than 100,000 pieces in total and the price per piece during early access will be less than £100.

What are pieces and what do they represent?

All items on Showpiece will be split into an appropriate number of pieces to allow each piece to be priced at a level which will make them accessible to most. All pieces are equivalent to one another and represent pro-rata ownership of the underlying item.

You may purchase as many pieces as you wish provided that it is less than 10% of the total number available.

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Will there be additional benefits to owning more?

Yes. The more pieces you hold the more of the underlying item you will legally own but there will also be some additional benefits for people purchasing above certain thresholds.

We will provide further details in advance of the launch date.

Will I legally own the items I purchase on Showpiece?

Yes. Each piece purchased represents legal ownership under English law.

The structure used to achieve this is through a bare trust, a widely used and recognised trust structure. Examples of the legal documentation will be made available prior to the first offering going live and each purchaser will receive their own specific documentation post purchase.

What benefits will I receive from ownership?

At Showpiece you will be able to build a collection of the world’s most extraordinary and culturally significant items. We believe this is the future of collecting and are building a digital experience we hope you’ll love.

Both the physical and digital benefits of ownership will vary from item to item but will always include the economic rights and voting rights over the future of each item.
Showpiece and our partners will also provide secure custody and insurance of each item. 

Will I be able to sell my pieces at a later date?

We want to provide as much flexibility as possible to members of Showpiece. With this in mind, we plan to launch a marketplace within 6 months of our first item being made available for purchase. This will provide owners with the ability to purchase and sell pieces if you so wish.

Unless our members ask us to, Showpiece will not actively market the items on the platform – our intention is to provide an enjoyable way for our members to collect these rare treasures.

However, if a genuine offer is received for an item in its entirety, those owning pieces of the item will be asked to vote on whether to accept the offer or not. If over 60% of the votes cast are in favour of acceptance, the item will be sold.

The net proceeds of the sale will then be distributed to the owners in proportion with their ownership. I.e. If you own 1% of the pieces of an item which is sold for £10mn, you will receive £100,000.

Is it safe?

At every step of the way, we have tried to ensure that our customers are entirely protected – we understand that security and peace of mind are absolutely vital.

This includes ensuring that the legal contracts and structure are robust, that the item is fully insured, that storage and display arrangements are secure and that your data and our records of ownership are equally secure.

If there is anything you remain concerned about, please do not hesitate to contact us at hello@showpiece.com.

Who are Stanley Gibbons?

Stanley Gibbons are the world’s longest established rare stamp dealer and the current owners of the ONE CENT Magenta.

As ownership of the stamp increases by members of Showpiece, Stanley Gibbons’ ownership of the stamp falls by a corresponding amount. The stamp will be stored, and at times displayed, at Stanley Gibbons’ flagship store at 399 Strand, London. Stanley Gibbons will pay for the insurance of the stamp.

What if the underlying item is sold?
Will I be able to view the underlying item if I purchase ownership?

The ONE CENT Magenta will be on display at Stanley Gibbons at various times. Depending on the number of pieces purchased, you may also be invited to special events and private viewing opportunities.

We will endeavour to make all items sold through Showpiece available to view as this is a core part of our goal of democratising the world’s most exceptional treasures.

Can I gift pieces to a minor?

Unfortunately, the beneficial owner must be aged 18 or over. This is a legal requirement. However, you can purchase pieces in your own name and then transfer ownership once the recipient reaches the age of 18.

Are you selling NFT’s?

When you purchase pieces of an item on Showpiece you will receive a digital token representing ownership. An immutable digital ledger that uses cryptographic verification will maintain all records of ownership and past transactions. However, unlike NFT’s, our digital tokens are backed by tangible items and have a secure and established legal structure underpinning them.

Yes. The ONE CENT Magenta is the first item on the platform but we intend to make other truly extraordinary collectables available to add to your collection over time.

We look forward to being able to announce the next item to become available on the platform in the near future.

Will there be future items available on Showpiece?